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Dear Elisha & Merle –

Thank you so very much for planning such a wonderful trip to Greece for Spring Creek Church. We enjoyed every minute of this once-in-lifetime vacation. The special attention you give to all the details was quite evident to the both of us. Hopefully, we’ll be able to join you again for some future date. Several people at Northwestern Mutual asked me for your address.

Gerrie & Doug Dunning

Dear Elisha and Merle:

Happy New Year! May God’s blessings be yours in abundance in the coming year.

I was thinking about our years together, and realized how many times you have blessed me. So many extras. Like letting me stay in Jerusalem for extra days at the King Solomon (their staff was very kind to me). I have so many happy memories of our times together. Also of Israel. I get homesick for all the precious people I have known there.

I know there are many more examples of your love and consideration, but just wanted to mention a few, and let you both know I love you! Also it has been a blessing to get to know some of your families. I do hope they are all doing well – you too!

Shalom, and blessings,

Mary Bates

I began looking into going back to the Holy land a year ago. I had made one trip with heavenly tours in 1998. It was perfect than and it was perfect now. I tried and tried to find a touring company that could offer me More for Less. It just was not out there. From start to finish, Elisha took care of everything and if you are like me , you need that.The airline’s he works with is the safest in the industry, the tour guide was knowledgeable in Jewish history , Israel history and yet he even knew my Christian history. He was amazeing.The bus was so clean and comfortable. The bus driver never ever made us feel afraid and the places we went were totally safe and comfortable.The food and hotels were out of this world. Fabulous is all I can say about them. I could never get so much on one tour as I did with Elisha and his wife Merle. From the time I got off the plane in Israel until we began our trip back to the states I felt totally Safe,Pampered ,and my every need was taken care of .So please, book with Heavenly Tours, it is not just a travel company, it is a man and a wife who love serving people, giving value for the dollar spent and who will do everything possible to make your dream of going to the Holy Land a Dream come true, just as they have mine, TWICE. Thank you again, Elisha and Merle.


Bonnie Prince
Huntsville, Alabama

Dear Merle & Elisha,

This is the second opportunity we have had to tour with you and the second primo experience.

The combination of Merle, Elisha, our two pastors, Karl and Sue and the extremely experienced guide, Yuval gave us a wonderful mix of culture, history and religion. Your knowledge, planning and organization skills were evident in how smoothly everything was handled. The Holy Land now has a more profound and special meaning to us.

Thank You for making this special experience possible.

Best Regards,

Linda & Doug Nie

My Testimonial of the Holy Land Tour October 30 – November 8, 2006

Not only did I experienced Israel, but experienced the presence of God in Israel. The overwhelming sites and the biblical scenes revived me and renewed my faith.

How could I ever forget His sweet presence warming my heart while I sang praises to my King standing in the boat in the Sea of Galilee? The waters rocked the boat in silent praise and my soul found rest!

How can words describe walking into the waters of the Jordan River? There, I experienced the most incredible feeling of intimacy with God. In a moment I felt His touch and His love all at once and I just wanted to love Him back. The words “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine” became my words. The moment will be forever part of me…. profound…. sacred. My beloved took my breath away!

From this moment on my heart dictated my actions. The indescribable feeling of wonder, the desire to worship and adore my Lord was not to be denied. I am so grateful that the next stop provided me with the opportunity to do just that while I sang “How Great is My God”… for all will see how great is my God! Peace covered and surrounded me like a blanket and I fell to my knees in adoration.

The sights of Massada recount the magnificence and splendor of nature blended with history, the Dead Sea telling a story of its own…. Yet, nothing compares to the feeling of finally seeing Jerusalem. My heart burned within me. Seeing the streets of Jerusalem by night, bursting with the emotions of the Shabbat… people coming and going, families by the hand… children running…. The Wailing Wall surrounded by women of all ages chanting, praying, their bodies rocking back and forth. I took it all in and I hurt for them and for those lost in the darkness. As I receded from the Wall, walking backwards in reverence of the moment…, I prayed for peace and I was thankful for receiving the Messiah.

Walking into the Upper Room and feeling God’s power was one and the same. God’s power and anointing shook my very being. His Word given to us as we stood there reminded me of promises that will come to pass. With tears running down my face, my lips spoke His language…just as He had promised… His power and manifestation are evident 2,000 years later.

Bethlehem made me sort of sad. For in the little place of Bethlehem I smelled religiosity. I know His humble birth and I am thankful for my heart is truly His manger. Later, as I stood worshiping in St. Anne’s Church, my name took a new meaning, for according to tradition Ana was Mary’s mother. Sitting in a rustic bench we sang Halleluyah! And once again my heart busted in gratitude. As I remained seating there a prayer was born from deep within my heart for my friends and family back home… and I smiled as me and God shared a secret….

Walking the streets of Old Jerusalem, watching the people rushing by their ordinary day, made me part of their history. Down the Via Dolorosa, I was in awe as I walked through the city gates where my Lord walked 2,000 years ago. Just as Psalm 125 says: “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forever”. His promise is mine!

Standing up in the Mount of Olives, overlooking the city of Jerusalem, I joined Him as I wept in a cry for mercy for His people. The magnificent view clouded by my tears, a sob breaking deep within me.

How special and fitting was to end our tour at the Empty Tomb. I wanted to laugh and dance of joy for the Tomb is empty. This time I had tears of joy and while I sat by myself outside the tomb I sang: “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free. My God, my Savior has ransomed me. And like a flood, His mercy reigns, unending love…. Amazing grace….” There I confessed once more my love for Him as I shared communion and remembered all He has done for me. His sweet voice within my heart promising me a new beginning, He is my place of rest. In what other way can I thank Him, but to lay my life at His feet in total surrender?

Annie Lopez

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