Dear Elisha & Merle,

I just want to thank you for the most wonderful tour of Israel and Jerusalem.

I am still relating my experiences to my co-workers and friends who are very interested in knowning what my trip was like.

The events that stand out in my mind include our trip on the Sea of Galilee and the fish lunch; the Mt. of Beatitudes when Michael Dudley read the Beatitudes to us followed by Yuval reading them in Hebrew. Closing my eyes I could imagine it was Jesus speaking. The children’s memorial to Uziel was a very moving and touching experience.

Your testimony, Elisha, about your ancestors and the Holocaust touched my heart.

And Merle, your joy in wanting it to be a special party the last day – your efforts were appreciated.

The mini services conducted by Michael & Tim were very special no matter where they were held – including the Garden of Gethsemane.

Yuval was a fantastic guide. His knowledge of the sites and the Bible (Old & New Testmaent) was tremendous as was the fact that he lived in Israel and was a member of the service so that his information was first-hand and authentic.

Our bus driver DaVed was so very friendly & personable. Thank you for persuading him & Yuval for our trip.

Our group was so very cohesive too. That made a great difference.

Thank you for your efforts and planning for making this a very memorable tour of The Holy Land.

God Bless You,

Janet Warner

Dear Elisha and Merle,

A rather late but nevertheless the same huge thank you for putting together the wonderful trip to the Holy Land this past November. The trip was a dream come true for me and will have a lasting impact on me.

It must have been a tremendous project to put it all together, and everything seemed to happen without glitches.

The most sincere thanks to you both.

Mary Ann Sindilar

Dear Elisha and Merle,

What an absolutely wonderful vacation! It was so nice having everything taken care of for you. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. You took care of everything from the wake up calls to the dinner reservations and everything in between. You did an outstanding job. It truly was a vacation. We had a great time. It was unbelievable to visit all the places we’ve read about in the Bible. We’re looking forward to the trip to Israel next year. Thank you again for putting together such an excellent trip.

Gary & Cheryl Schellhaas
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