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Recently my wife and I, along with my family traveled to Israel with a great group of folks and had an absolutely wonderful, meaningful time with Pastor Don and Holy Land Tours. I can’t say enough good things about our experience. We saw so much, learned so many things and felt as though we were in safe and caring hands the whole way. Pastor Don and our wise and very likeable guide, Danny, led us on truly a trip of a lifetime. I really did not want it to end. We made our way from Joppa to Galilee to Nazareth to Masada and on to Jerusalem, seeing things and places I have only ever dreamed about. It profoundly impacted my faith, fed my love of history and is an experience I will carry in my heart and soul the rest of my life. And the food, all the food – fabulous.

Menasha, WI

Our family was blessed to join Pastor Don and his wife, Jan, on a trip to Israel last month. Over the course of a few short days, we came to love them. Pastor Don’s passion for Jesus shows in all he does. He makes the Bible come alive in his devotionals, and what a privilege it was to stand on holy ground as we listened to him. We are especially grateful that he welcomed our 10 year old son, gave him his firsts communion , made him feel wanted and special. Our son, like the rest of us, will carry this trip with him the rest of his life.

Jan Christianson is an unsung hero. She’s happy to work in the background and let her husband have the attention, but nothing he does would be possible without her quiet wisdom, support, and faithfulness to God. We pray that we will be able to join Pastor Don and Jan again on a future trip to the Holy Land.

Peter & Michelle
Brooklyn, MN


First of all thank you for the beautiful stone necklace and Hebrew ring! I’m wearing them now in Rockford and showing them off to my parents! They’ve become some of my favorite jewelry and yes I will always remember you because of them!

Second of all thank you for the most memorable trip I’ve ever taken anywhere! The suites you provided in the Kibbutz were beautiful and Jordan gifts and lunches were so special. The entire tour was filled with wonderful places to see and things to eat, so much so that our people were giddy with delight from start to finish!

Third of all thanks for being a friend! You’re a great person with a big heart and an ability to enlarge other peoples’ hearts to love your people and your amazing land of Israel! I didn’t know I could love it more but I do!

So yes, thanks for brightening my world, my chlidrens’, my husband’s and my church’s with a rich and elightening tour of Israel!

Love and Shalom,


Elisha & Merle,

We want to thank you once again for providing us with a memorable trip. Let us know when you plan your trip to Greece and Turkey – Letters of St Paul. After experiencing our trip to Israel, we want our next trip to be with yout tour company. It’s the best.

We also want to thank you for inviting us into the VIP lounge. We are flattered that you invited us in.

We want to wish you a happy Hanukkah


Beth and Tom


Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this tour together. Words cannot express how grateful we are. The tour was amazing, life changing and beyond our expectations!! We cna hardly wait to travel again.

Thank you for your gift to us in Jerusalem, we love your prayer shawl! Your are so kind and generous… Thank you!!

God Bless,

Clark and Linda Branscombe
Eagles' Nest Church

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