Dear Merle & Elisha,

Where do I begin to thank you both for a trip of a lifetime to Israel? Paul and I so enjoyed every moment and iw was all so well planned and executed. I have still been writing in my wonderful Holy Land book that you gave us – we share memories daily and I know we will continue to do so. If I forget what we did on a certain day, Paul remembers or visa versa! We loved the Kibbutz experience and our personal long walk along the Jordan River as the sun set; the food was superb as well as the service and I truly love the Spa experience. The highlight was the Sea of Galilee boat trip and the gospel hymns we sang as well as communion in the Garden – actually many highlights! So many to treasure. We are grateful we have seen Israel and walked where our savior walked – it was a privilege! Thank you both for making it so outstanding and special!