Dear Elisha:


It has been almost a month since we returned form our Israel tour, and we are still basking in the wonderful memories. There were 49 people in our group, and each one has had his life impacted in a profound way.

This was the fifth time that I traveled with a group from Heavenly Tours, and the fourth time being group leader. This trip was the best ever. Once again we enjoyed working with you and all the special touches you added to make the trip unique and menaningful. Your knowledge of the country is unsurpassed. The farewell dinner was delightful and impressive with Raphael Ben Hur from the Department of Tourism bringing greetings and sharing his insights.

With the excellent guides you choose and the Scriptures and other helps you provide, you make it easy to lead a group. I believe any pastor could do so and have a successful trip.

We look forward to traveling with you in the future!