Dear Brother Elisha,

Boker Tov!

I must take this opportunity to thank you and Heavenly Tours for all you have done for our recent trip to the Holy Land and Egypt. It was a wonderful trip. Although I had been to the Holy Land in 1995, I’m glad I returned because I had forgotten some things, and other sites had changed somewhat. The tour guide and bus driver were wonderful, the accommodations were great, and the food was wonderful! We thank these gentlemen particularly for the love and kindness they extended to everyone, particularly the children on the tour.

Every site was great; yet, there were two places that touched me more spiritually: the baptism in the Jordan River and the Holy Communion Service in the Garden. The peace in those two places was amazing. For all the media promotion of discord and death, this tour provided an entirely different experience for me and the other members of the tour.

The tour of Egypt was awesome as well. Some of us were taken aback by the aggressive Egyptians trying to sell so many things. Some merchants would not take “No” for an answer. However, the sites were magnificent. We all agreed that we needed to take more time in Egypt next time.

Jan was a great asset to the trip. We cannot thank her enough for her help and support. We love her and miss her already.

Thank you again for everything.

God bless you richly!