We write shortly after the conclusion of “Walk Where Jesus Walked” to sing the praises of this tour. We have led many tours to other countries ourselves. In fact, this was the first tour we have taken where we were simply participants, rather than leaders. From this perspective, we can say conclusively that Heavenly International Tours and its team get the highest possible grade. Don and Jan, you are outstanding tour leaders. The biblical devotionals that you prepared were excellent. Reading the Bible can never be the same after hearing The Word in the actual locations. The pace of the tour was excellent, not too fast or too slow, not too strenuous or too easy. The hotels were great, as was the food. The sites that we visited were perfect; we can’t think of anything that anyone seeking a Christian perspective would say you missed. Our in-country tour guide, Danny Levy (and Yuval for that first day substitution), were outstanding. Their knowledge of Christian theology, history, and archaeology in relation to the sites we visited truly added to the experience of being there. Our driver, David Shemtof, navigated us promptly and safely through all kinds of geography. He made sure we missed nothing as we drove. We understand that you will keep this wonderful team together for all future tours and we understand why. Finally, we would like to say that we have never felt safer on any tour. Israeli security sets the standard. We highly recommend your tour to anyone seeking a Christian experience of the Holy Land. This applies regardless of the Christian faith tradition from which one comes. Again, thank you all for a wonderful experience!