Dear Elisha,

Ever since I read the book O Jerusalem when I was 19 yrs old, I have yearned to go to Israel. Up until you came to Eagle’s Nest Church with Yuval in Nov 2009 and invited us on Pastor Tim’s tour, did I ever believe it could be a reality. Pastor Tim even prayed for me, that God would make a way for it to happen. I signed up for the trip and paid my deposit while I was unemployed. I had lost my job of 14 yrs just a few months before your November visit to our Church. It was a big risk for me to commit to going to Israel.

It still seems like a dream to me. And when I look at the pictures from our trip, it helps me to know that I REALLY WENT to ISRAEL!!!! Some people have said to me that it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. I smile at them courteously, and think in my heart, NO WAY! I am going back… so hopefully this trip was the first of many.

It is so hard for me to answer the question “what was your favorite thing”, because I LOVED everything. The sky, the rock, the plants, the people, the OLD and NEW, the young military recruits and the old ladies on the city bus, the food, the sounds– everything. There was not one place, hotel or situation that i did not enjoy.

I did need to adjust my expectations. For some reason I forgot that many of the significant places have churches, shrines and memorials. But even those were wonderful and enjoyable.

I have been recommending your Tour Company to everyone who asks.

It was a sacrifice for Brian and I to go, but God did help us in many ways with funding. Your life story is beautiful. If you have not included in your book “Straight from the Heart” you need to add it when there is another printing.

Shalom, and God’s Peace,