First of all thank you for the beautiful stone necklace and Hebrew ring! I’m wearing them now in Rockford and showing them off to my parents! They’ve become some of my favorite jewelry and yes I will always remember you because of them!

Second of all thank you for the most memorable trip I’ve ever taken anywhere! The suites you provided in the Kibbutz were beautiful and Jordan gifts and lunches were so special. The entire tour was filled with wonderful places to see and things to eat, so much so that our people were giddy with delight from start to finish!

Third of all thanks for being a friend! You’re a great person with a big heart and an ability to enlarge other peoples’ hearts to love your people and your amazing land of Israel! I didn’t know I could love it more but I do!

So yes, thanks for brightening my world, my chlidrens’, my husband’s and my church’s with a rich and elightening tour of Israel!

Love and Shalom,